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"I have been calling Angie for her insight for nine years now (first from Taiwan, now from Vancouver, Canada) and am still amazed at what she can see!I really don’t know where I’d be today without the benefit of her clarity and guidance throughout the years. Under her mentorship my spiritual growth has been exponential, and for that I am profoundly grateful."    Karin M. Vancouver, Canada

"I have been calling Angie for her insight for nine years now (first from Taiwan, now from Vancouver, Canada) and am still amazed at what she can see!I really don’t know where I’d be today without the benefit of her clarity and guidance throughout the years. Under her mentorship my spiritual growth has been exponential, and for that I am profoundly grateful."

Karin M. Vancouver, Canada

Angie Hewett-Abt

Phone: 716-458-7262
Facebook: Spiritual Discoveries


  • spiritual counseling

  • mediumship

  • psychic readings

  • hypnotherapy

  • past life regression

  • energy healing and Reiki

  • classes and workshops on developing skills in:

    • meditation

    • spirituality

    • intuitive abilities

Certifications: Member of the Lily Dale Assembly in Western New York and Ordained Minister through The Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy. 

Classes offered at Santosha:





Francy Duska

Reflexology & Reiki
Phone: 716-533-1348


Rev. Brenda Reading

Phone: 716-785-4247


·         Psychic/Spiritual, Medical Intuitive,  Akashic Record and Life Path Spiritual Consultations

·         Iridology Consultation

·         Healings: In-person or distant healing

·         Auragraph Spiritual Drawings: Capturing Your Personal Relationship with Spirit

Certifications: Brenda is a psychic, spiritual medium consultant, medical intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Holistic Educator, and an Ordained Melchizedek Minister.

Classes offered at Santosha:

·         Inspired Writing: Finding Your Muse

Private Readings/Healing

Services Offered:

Psychic/Spiritual Mediumship Reading
Available in-person, by phone or Skype. $50 – 30 minutes $80 – for 60 minutes

Medical Intuitive Reading/Healing This is a reading of the energies throughout the body, inclusive of the physical, emotional and mental body. A medical intuitive reading is useful as it:
*Seeks to find the root cause or “trigger” of an illness through the use of intuition of the body systems
*Can discover imbalances BEFORE it becomes a serious illness
*Targets emotional AND physical issues, BOTH past and present
*Includes an ACTION plan developed specifically to the client to promote resolution of the root cause /issue

A Medical Intuitive Reading can be done in person, via skype, or via telephone

A Medical Intuitive Reading is NEVER:
a medical diagnosis, prescription, or replacement for medical care

Medical Intuitive Session: $90

Rev. Brenda Reading

Akashic Record Reading/Healing
This process delves into your past lives to help identify connections to the current life which could be causing physical, emotional or spiritual issues. Healing of past life trauma, and clearing of negative blocks to living the current life to your potential is the goal.
Can be done in person, via skype, or via telephone

Akashic Record Reading/Healing Session: $80

Healings – In-person or distant healing:
Reiki Healing Session – 45 to 60 minutes – $50 in person
Distance Reiki Healing Session – $25
Divine Energy Healing Session – 45 to 60 minutes – $50 in person
Incorporates the healing energies of the Blessed Mother, Archangel Raphael, and the Holy Trinity

Distance Energy Vibrational Healing Session – $25

Auragraph Spiritual Drawings – Capturing Your Personal Relationship with Spirit
In color, matted, and includes shipping – $149
You will receive a written copy of your personal reading for this auragraph as well.



Adam Godin

Traditional, authentic, Reiki & Planetary Healing

Born in Buffalo to an astrologer, Adam Godin has been practicing authentic, traditional Reiki for over a decade- he has dedicated his entire life to helping and healing humanity. Adam loves big, He has co-engineered a novel “planetary healing” technique that utilizes dormant energy in the cosmos, with his mother Casandra Butler. This powerful replenishing energy transfer can treat any specific ailments- or improve specific areas of life in precise ways! Any direction or vision one wants for the future- Adam can heal those correlated regions of life force, which because like-attracts-like, opens up quantum portals of achievement to one’s potentiality, aura, and desired vision. His healing technique is particularly potent, and can revolutionize the direction of your life. Traditional, authentic, Reiki technique will restore your chakras to proper balance, speed, and direction, and dramatically shift your way of being.

Becky Wisniewski.jpg

Becky Wisniewski, BFRP

Facebook: Bach Flower Remedies by Becky & Inspirational Readings by Becky
Phone: 716-803-3575


  • Personalized Bach® Flower Remedies and Consultations

    • Restoring inner harmony and wellness

    • Emotional balance for depression, anxiety, grief and anger

    • Aids in confidence, self-acceptance, self worth and body image

    • Find relief from exhaustion, worry, fears and insomnia

    • Assistance for impatience, overwhelm, panic and uncertainty

  • Mediumship

  • Psychic readings

  • Classes and presentations

  • Spiritual discussion groups


  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with teacher Nancy Buono, Director of Bach Flower Education (2012-2016)

  • Psychic Development with teachers Winnie Doran & Jesse Wicher (April & May 2014, February & March 2016)

  • Reiki 1 with teacher Jesse Wicher (June 2014)

  • Intuitive Development with teacher Angie Hewett-Abt (December 2014 to present)

  • Spiritual Insight Training with teacher Elaine Thomas, Fellowships of the Spirit, Lilydale (September 2015)

  • Healing with Energy with teachers Winnie Doran & Jesse Wicher (October & November 2015)

  • 28 year background in Spiritual Studies and application including Law of Attraction, Meditation and Self Improvement (1989 to present

Classes offered at Santosha:

  • The Modern Day Spiritualist Discussion Group

  • Bach Flower Essences


Lana Shapiro

 (716) 319-0730
Facebook: shapiroholistichealth

Services offered: 

  • PiYo class

  • Individual therapy

  • Group workshops on various mental health topics

  • Holistic health coaching: 6 months individualized health coaching program: includes free initial 50 minute health consultation, followed by biweekly 50 minute sessions with email support in between sessions. During this program you will learn to connect the dots between physical and mental health, you will receive tools to help you improve your nutrition and physical activity, you will learn how to prioritize your health goals and learn tools to manage challenges that rise along the way. Total price for the package is $1140 - payment plans are available.

Lana is a mental health therapist turned health and wellness advocate and fitness instructor. Her passion for helping her clients stems from her own experience battling weight fluctuations, unhealthy relationship with food, medical conditions and postpartum depression/anxiety after the birth of her second child. Now she is dedicated to helping people recognize the best in themselves while guiding them through lifestyle changes that will help embrace this version of themselves.

Lana firmly believes in the mind-body connection and using holistic approach to find balance and harmony for overall well-being.

She has her MS in counselor education (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), is a certified live PiYo class instructor, and is completing a program to become a certified health and nutrition coach.


Ann Young

Phone: (716)400-5563
Facebook: Buffalo Instant Healing

Services offered:

  • Theta healing Consultation

  • Intuitive reading

  • Tarot Reading

  • Chinese Astrology Reading

  • IET Session

  • Reiki Session

Ann Young is a gifted intuitive reader and certified theta healing master, Reiki master, angel therapy practitioner, astrologist and Akashic record reading practitioner. She has traveled to Greece, Dubai, and Switzerland for her healing career training and is teaching internationally. Ann has helped hundreds of people successfully transform their lives to align with their life purposes.

Ann offers private Theta Healing session. If you would like to heal on all levels schedule a session with Ann. Theta Healing helps you go inside and get to the core of where an issue began and then you will discover the beliefs around the issue, change the beliefs and learn to let it go.

Ann graduated from SUNY-Buffalo and got her certificate of Science in theta healing in August, 2017. She has certifications in Theta healing Master, Certificate of Science. Reiki Master. Intuitive Reader. IET Instructor.