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Your Personal Positive Generator: Your Radiant Heart’s Energetic Potential

No need to repeat positive thoughts when you can generate a positive feeling in the moment and shower your inner being with appreciation, inspiration, compassion or other such wonderful emotions. Let the positive emotions generate “right action” and know for certain, you are following your heart’s guidance. Time to take a step beyond positive thinking-Become a Positive Generator.

Years ago, scientists knew the radiant field of the heart was 50x stronger than the brain but they didn’t “know what think about that!” In the field of Neurophysiology researchers are gathering information on the neuro-plasticity of the human brain and body (the ability to re-write the nervous system to change dysfunctional behavior and thinking patterns. Scientists know that positive emotions evoke physiological changes in the brain and the nervous system.

Now researchers continue to demonstrate the incredible healing power from connecting to the heart’s radiant magnetic field. The physiological benefits alone are impressive: documented improvement of blood pressure levels, digestive issues, insomnia. In addition, the emotional/mental health benefits of reduced anxiety and depression, increased levels of happiness and work productivity, overcoming test/performance anxiety are documented.

This presentation and instruction is the beginning to the HeartMath® mentoring program. It represents the 1st of 4 sessions that students can utilize to move forward in the HeartMath solution to stress management and increasing positive regenerative emotions. 

Participants will
- take away a foundation of knowledge behind connection with the Positive Generating Power of the Heart.
- learn 2 of the basic techniques used in the HeartMath® methods. 
-have an opportunity to see how the emWave2(R) technology that measures coherence between the heart and the brain functions.
-opportunity to continue the mentoring process at bi-monthly events or by phone consultations.

Attendees can pre-order the technology by emailing A small number of units will be available so please order in advance. Although not necessary to the program, the technology’s usefulness will be demonstrated and opportunities to practice will be available (for more information click on the link above).

This is an experiential workshop designed to give you the tools to move forward and creative a positive, appreciative life experiences daily and heal past “heart wounds”

$45 includes all materials (except emWave2)
Register at:
OR call or text: 716-930-5011

Jim Moomaw is a Certified HeartMath Mentor and Ordained Minister by Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. He has 20 years’ experience as a social worker, individual and family counseling, and teaching. Jim is also the originator of Auric Energetics, a magnetic resonating healing system he developed by combining and modifying 3 different healing systems. He provides Reiki Sessions at two cancer infusion centers in Rochester, NY three days a week. He is continuing his training with HeartMath Institute and teaching of Auric Energetics to expand his ability to offer a wider range personal growth and complimentary services to those whose wish.

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