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Healing with bio-intrinsic resonant energy

Edd Eddwards is a leader in the field of Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy. As the catalyst for instantaneous healing and energy movement, Edd desires to help others heal themselves.

By controlling the magnetic fields of the left and the right sides of the brain, Edd simultaneously and by using different frequencies and polarity effects to cause rapid healing to begin in whomever he applies his energy to. Bio-intrinsic resonant energy can increase immune system functions and can help alleviate chronic pain

Q: How is Edd’s energy different than a Reiki master or Shamanic energy healer or any energy healer?

A: It is essentially the same energy. The difference is the degree or amount of energy that Edd can generate. In working with scientists and having a measurable means to quantify his work, Edd was able to fine-tune and increase the energy fields to reach and maintain for more than 15 minutes 1,750,000 Micro-amps..forty times higher than Reiki masters and the like that have been tested so far. The effects that he can cause to happen in seconds is nearly unbelievable.

Edd teaches others to get started and encourages participants to play with the energy. The more one puts into practicing, the more their energy increases. 

Meet and learn about this measurable energy Edd was born with, ask questions, and experience live demonstrations!


The price of this presentation is just $20, with the option to

(1) participate in a small group healing for $20 more, - OR – 
(2) Receive a 15-minute private healing for $30 more immediately following the presentation and group session. 

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