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Grounding & Centering Your Energy with Rev. Dawn Lynn

With Rev. Dawn-Lynn
This is a 2 part series.
Part one is "Grounding" on Weds. April 18th.
Part 2 is Weds. April 25th.
Take one for $25. Both for $45
Register at 716-930-5011 OR

Many individuals start studying mediumship because want to or already are receiving messages from Spirit. They want to hear. They want to see. They want to feel.

But, learning to communicate with spirit is a process and not without its challenges. Much like an athlete, when becoming a medium an individual must train and condition his or her physical and energetic body for receiving messages. That is where the basics (grounding, protecting, centering and allowing) come in. These skills are what will strengthen your energetic field and enhance your receptivity to energy. They also assist the aspiring medium in avoiding the common energetic and physical pitfalls such as fatigue.
In this two-part intuitive development series, Dawn Lynn will cover grounding and centering. The classes can be taken together, or you can drop in on just one.

Have you ever found yourself listening to someone talk, but find you aren’t really hearing what they are saying? Or perhaps you have had a time when you have had difficulty concentrating on tasks such like budgeting or household chores? Or have you had times you, despite your efforts, find yourself bouncing from one task to another and not finishing anything? Or have you found yourself being aloof and spacey, not really caring about the world around you?

These are signs you are ungrounded. Each and every one of us experiences one or multiple of these at some point in our lives. When this is the status quo and occurs ALL the time, that’s when it can be a problem. If that’s your experience, this workshop is for you!

During this fun and interactive workshop, you will be introduced to quick and easy techniques which are designed to help you become a rooted and present participant in your life.

Do you feel like you lack direction or that your life is going in circles? Do you have a hard time making decisions or second guess yourself? Do you find yourself repeating past mistakes and past circumstances? Do you find yourself partaking in activities not because you want to but because you feel you have to? If you have or do experience any of these, this workshop may be for you!

The above are signs you are not living your purpose. When you are not living within you purpose, you are not centered. What is centering? While commonly overlooked and lumped in with grounding and protection, centering is probably the most important energy basic to learn.

Centering is important because it brings balance. When centered you to stand in your personal power, experience the reality or truth of a situation as well as leave behind past hurts and grow beyond the limiting agreements you have made for yourself. In this workshop, we will be practicing techniques that will help you center yourself!

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