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Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ever experienced a strong sense of deja vu or had a strong feeling of knowing you've been somewhere before even though you know it's the first time you've been there? Or maybe you have met someone & they seem so familiar that it's as though you've always know them.

Join Angie Hewett-Abt as she guides you back in time to experience at least 2 of your past lives. She will also guide you to connect with your higher self & spirit guides & receive insight about your current life. Lastly you will be guided to know who in your current life was also with you in a past life.

Register at: OR call or text: 716-930-5011

Angie is the owner of Santosha Holistic Center and a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit. She is certified in Past Life Regression & received her hypnotherapist training from a Richard Sutphen.

Angie is a practicing medium and teaches classes on meditation & INTUITIVE Development. She has her BA in counseling

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