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Love in the Stars: The Astrology of Compatability

Wednesday, February 14 at 10 AM - 1 PM

Everyone wants to give and receive love. Why then is the dance of relationship often marked with so many challenges? During this `hands’ on workshop you will learn: 1) what your soul requires from a partner; 2) what your body desires from a partner; 3) what your heart craves from a partner. Astrology also answers the timing of connecting with our true partner(s). We will explore the fundamentals of astrological compatibility; your Moon and Sun, Mars and your relationship houses and the asteroid Juno.

It is easier to attract what you want when you `know thyself’, and astrology offers a key to insight and understanding. In 2018 the relationship planets, Mars and Venus, are `retrograding’ meaning we all will be reconsidering, and ultimately deepening, love, relationship and connection in our lives. You’ll learn how to handle these rare relationship periods!

No background in astrology is necessary, as the mechanics of astrological compatibility will be taught clearly and simply! Please RSVP with your birth data: birthdate, time and city of birth.